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Nitron boasts over a decade of success, celebrating prestigious race wins and lap records around the world. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Nitron’s worldwide headquarters are based in England’s prestigious ‘Motorsport Valley’, Oxfordshire.

Designed & Build in the UK

Nitron has been at the forefront of motorsport suspension technology since 1998. Founded by Guy Evans, the Oxfordshire-based company has gone from strength to strength, producing winning shocks for customers all over the world. There are now over 200 Nitron dealers across Europe, Asia, the US, Australasia and Africa.

In 2008, Nitron moved to a new facility in the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’ in line with the company’s expansion programme. This allowed for an increase in production and a continuation of Nitron’s ability to push the limits of suspension technology using state-of-the-art Dynomometers, 5-Axis CNC machines and the latest 3D CAD techniques.


Every Nitron NTR shock is built using the very ultimate in high quality high precision components, every one of which has undergone an extensive and rigorous design and development program to ensure they deliver optimum performance. They are designed using the unique Nitron NTR modular system which allows a high degree of flexibility during the development of every application. Every component is precision machined to exacting standards and then carefully inspected by trained quality control technicians.


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