QRS Zero

QRS Zero is a family of mono-tube shock absorbers with one or two ways of adjustment—upgrades that can also be applied to the basic non adjustable. Quantum was the first to introduce to Formula 1 a two-way adjustable mono-tube shock absorber without reservoir canister that was entirely adjustable on the car. The Quantum Two.Zero is the latest evolution of that game changing design.

The Two.Zero offers independent external adjustment of compression and rebound damping. This is made possible by placing two adjusters inside the shaft. Placing the adjusters inside the shaft puts them in parallel with the piston. This is the best location for an effective adjuster. Any valve or adjuster that acts across the piston affects an area with a diameter equal to that of the piston—unlike the valve or adjuster inside a base valve or reservoir canister that affects an area with a diameter equal to that of the shaft.

This is doubly important because the effective area is proportional to the volume of oil that will flow through the adjuster and the pressure inside the shock absorber. Increasing the volume of oil available to the adjuster means the adjuster can be made bigger, thereby making it less sensitive to manufacturing tolerances. Increasing the area the adjuster acts upon reduces the pressure inside the shock absorber, allowing it to respond quicker to small movements and high frequencies.

All Quantum shock absorbers are based upon this simple idea.

Standard – Linear

Our standard piston is a symmetrical ten-port design that produces a linear force–velocity curve in bump and rebound. Both faces are dished to gently preload the shims and accentuate subtle digressive characteristics near closed adjuster settings, emphasizing low speed adjustability.

SD – Single Digressive

The SD piston is an asymmetrical design, digressive in bump and linear in rebound — or vice versa. The digressive side is identical to the HF piston. The linear side has six kidney shaped ports that produce a force-velocity curve comparable to our standard piston.

HF – Double Digressive

The HF piston is a symmetrical design that exhibits a pronounced digressive force–velocity curve in bump and rebound. The annular shim seat allows the flow to dump as soon as the stack cracks open. The bleed adjusters are used to tune the shaft velocity at which the digressive damping region begins.

BB – Linear

The BB piston is a development of our standard piston with large diameter ports for softer damping. The increased flow area is analogous to a one step change in stack thickness.