STOY 3 Damper

Suspension – STOY 3

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Version available : 

– Metric/Imperial

– Trunnion


Stoy 3 Metric Imperial Eye-to-eye length / Stroke: 

Metric : 200×57 – 210×55 – 216×63 – 222×68 -230×60 -230×65 – 240×75 – 250×70 – 250×75 – 267×89

Stoy 3 Trunnion Eye-to-eye length/ Course : 

185×52,5 – 185×55 – 205×60 – 205×65 – 225×70 – 225×75


Have a look at our new Stoy 3 model 2022 which will radically transform the behavior of your bike.

The Stoy 3 is a lightweight, compact, high performance shock made for enduro, freeride and downhill riding.

It offers a wide range of settings, low/high speed compression and rebound, it benefits from an efficient and reliable technology which is the fruit of the brand’s experience at the highest level of automotive and motocross competition. 

Its multiple settings allow you to easily and quickly adjust its behavior for you to have the best performance and bike experience.

The Stoy 3 is distinguished by the quality of its damping directly inspired by its big brother the Syors.




Light and powerful, Stoy3 has multiple settings for you to enjoy  your outdoor experience: High speed compression, low speed compression and rebound. 

Progressiveness and linear response curve of the coil spring with a weight almost similar to an air system.

Compression limit stop improving and optimizing the operation at the end of the stroke.




– Hydraulic shock absorber with 3 ways of adjustements (tools needed) : low speed compression  / high speed compression / rebound

– Progressiveness and linear response curve of the coil spring, with a weight similar to an air system.

– Increased lateral stiffness resulting in reduced friction and improved traction.

– The AMX3 oil reduces friction and improves shock absorber operation.

– More grip, more dynamism and more comfort for an efficiency adjusted to your riding.

– Lightweight

– Ultra-compact

– Mounting Kit sold separately



Frame: PiggyBack




Feet size : 15 mm x 12,7mm

Blocking: without Lever.

Weight :

– 411 gr* (267×89)

*without spring


Hydraulic Shock 3 ways adjustment


-CLow speed compression (25 clicks).

-High speed compression (21 clicks).

-Rebound ( 31 clics).

“More or less 2 clicks”.

-Pretension setting.




helicoïdal spring :

Sold separately



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