SYORS Damper

Suspension – Syors Damper

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Available : 

– Metric/Imperial Version

– Trunnion Version

Options : 

– With Lever

– Without Lever


Metric Imperial With or Without Lever Eye to Eye / Stroke : 

Metric : 200×57 – 210×55 – 216×63 – 222×68 -230×60 -230×65 – 240×75 – 250 x75 – 267×89

Trunnion With or WithoutLever Eye to Eye / Stroke : 

185×52,5 – 185×55 – 205×60 – 205×65 – 225×70 – 225×75


2020 model

The Syors is a shock absorber made for demanding enduro and downhill riding.

It was created with one goal: absolute performance.

It is the result of all the experience of the brand at the highest level.

The hydraulic curve benefits from the evolutions developed in other disciplines like Rally-Raid, WRC and Motocross.




Turned competition, this shock absorber is as light as it is efficient.

There are many settings available: high and low speed compression, rebound.

These parameters are based on a double compression circuit: one, with the Kick Valve technology, which can absorb large shocks, and another, which improves sensitivity and increases grip on small shocks.

As a result, the ground contact is optimized and the rear wheel spends more time in contact with the ground.




– Hydraulic shock absorber with 3 adjustment ways (with tools): Low speed compression / High speed compression / Rebound.

– Progressiveness and linear response curve of the coil spring, with a contained weight.

– Kick Valve technology, dual compression circuit for maximum efficiency on all terrains.

– Available with or without a lever to lock the shock in rolling sections where pedaling is necessary.

– Increased lateral stiffness resulting in reduced friction and improved traction.

– AMX3 oil reduces friction and improves the work of the shock.

– Light weight 560gr

– MKP Sold separately.



Frame : PiggyBack

Type of mounting:



Damper base size : 15 mm x 12,7mm

Blocking :

On the shock absorber for models with lever

Weight : 560gr 


Hydraulic damper  with 3 adjustment ways


– Low Speed Compression

(23 clicks)

– High Speed Compression

(23 clicks)

– Rebound

(31 clicks).

“More or less 2 clicks”.

-Preload setting.

Technology : Kick Valve.


Helicol Spring :

Not provided.



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