VOID 3 Damper

Suspension – Void 3 Damper

Safety. Performance. Design. Innovation. Quality. Welcome to the world of BOS SUSPENSION.

Available : 

– Metric/Imperial Version

– Trunnion Version

Options : 

– With Lever

– Without Lever


VOID 3 – Metric/Imperial with or without Lever Eye to Eye / Stroke : 

210×50 – 210×55 – 230×57,5 – 230×60 – 230×62,5 – 230×65 – 250×70 – 250×75 

VOID 3 – Trunnion with or without Lever Eye to Eye / Stroke  : 

225×75 – 225×70 – 205×65 – 205×60 – 205×62,5


Everyone thought it was impossible, we did it!

Discover the new VOID 3, the perfect All Mountain, Enduro, DH shock.

Combine the super powers of a Void* (the first air shock to win a DH world cup) with the hydraulic performance of a Syors, shake it up and you’ve got the perfect combination for a new generation of shocks.

With the VOID 3, you get the hydraulic performance of a Syors, but with the air spring qualities of the Void*.

The VOID 3 is the result of over 20 years of Bos Suspension expertise at the highest level of cycling, motorcycling and WRC Auto.

*The Bos Suspension Void was the first air shock to win a DH World Cup round in 2013 with Remi Thirion.




Incredibly light and performing shock absorber.

The VOID 3 is designed to handle the most demanding trails with a consistent, unique feel and superior sensitivity to a mechanical spring shock.

The VOID 3 shock absorbs small impacts as well as the most committed jump landings.

Adjustable settings: high and low speed compression, rebound.

Dual compression circuit.

Kick Valve technology improves sensitivity and increases grip and traction.

Optimized ground contact, the rear wheel spends more time in contact with the ground.



– Light, progressive and sensitive.

– Available in Standard or Trunnion version

– Hydraulic shock absorber with 3 adjustment way (with tools): Low speed compression / High speed compression / Rebound.

– Specially designed and developed to obtain an equivalent stiffness curve as the one of  a coil spring, but without the weight!

– Possibility of adjusting the volume of the air chambers, to modify the progressiveness of the air spring.

– Kick Valve technology, dual compression circuit for maximum efficiency on all terrains.

– Available with or without a lever to lock the shock in the rolling parts where pedaling is necessary.

– Long life AMX3 anti-friction oil reduces friction and improves shock operation.

– Forward or reverse adjustable valve that can be positioned anywhere in rotation (except in front of the cylinder).

– Light weight 548gr (230×60 Metric/Imperial with Lever).

– MKP Sold separately.



Frame : PiggyBack

Fixing :



Damper base size : 15 mm x 12,7mm

Blocking : On the shock absorber for models with lever

Weight :

– 548gr (230×60 Metric/Imperial with Lever).


Hydraulic damper with 3-way adjustment


– Low Speed Compression (23 clicks).

– High Speed Compression (23 clicks).

– Rebound (31 clicks).

“More or less 2 clicks”.

– Air Pressure Adjustment (Max presure : 300psi)

Technology : Kick Valve.


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