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CORE Suspension 1 way adjustment Service

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Tractive Suspension Service


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TracTive & CORE Suspension Service

Service pricing for TracTive & CORE Traditional  Shocks

Preventive maintenance and regular inspection reduces the risk of functional disturbance.  If there is any need for
additional service, please contact us here at

Inspection points

Check the piston rod shaft for damage and leaking.
Check the shock absorber body for external damage.
Check the reservoir body for external damage and leakage.
Check the visible rubber components for excessive wear.
Check the ball joints for possible excessive play or stiction.
Check the preload adjuster for leakage.

Recommended Service Interval
Regular on road use: Every 30.000 km

Race or Trackday use: Every Year

Tradtitional Shock Service £150.00 each

Do not open the nitrogen filling plug.
Special charging tools and access to nitrogen is required to fill the shock with pressure again.