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  • Deville II 35 FCV 29″ Wheel Axle 15x110mm Boost – 160mm – Grey

Deville II 35 FCV 29″ Wheel Axle 15x110mm Boost – 160mm – Grey

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Available :

27,5″ or 29″ inches

Stroke :

– 150mm – 160mm – 170mm

The new Deville II 35 FCV, available in both 27.5″ and 29″, is a perfect example of optimization. Every detail of the previous versions has been rethought, re-imagined, tested, validated…….re-created. No revolution, only evolutions, so notable that they make the Deville II 35 FCV indispensable.


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Wheel Axle: 15 x 110mm Boost
Version: 29″
Wheel travel: 160mm
Casting Color: Grey
It’s the return of the legendary fork, designed to hurtle down and up the steepest slopes, no terrain impresses.
Ride the Deville II 35 FCV and you’ll immediately feel the difference.
Equipped with a new 3-way hydraulic cartridge, a new patented aluminum tee, and anti-vibration magnesium forks. Benefit from FCV technology, Traction Control, IFP, Bump & Drop Stop and adjustable progressiveness on demand.