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The same race winning technology that is found in our championship and race winning shocks, are now available for your current model Ford Mustang! Available in non, single, double, triple, and even four way adjustable configurations.

This is an inverted strut designs that maximizes strength and durability. Because of the inverted style, the inner and outer tubes take all of the side load commonly encountered with strut applications. Typical struts use a large 22mm shaft that is responsible for side load distribution and sealing. Our inverted design takes the side load and distributes between the inner and outer body, while sealing is done with our standard 5/8″ shaft inside. This design maximizes strength, while reducing friction because of it’s small shaft. Plus you don’t have to replace seals constantly from side load effects. Penske Shocks race proven struts have endured and won the 24hrs. of Daytona, while only recommending one service per year. No other strut in the world performs as strong, while maintaining strength and durability, better than a Penske Strut!

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