Porsche 911 - 996 C2 (1998 - 2004) TracTive One-Way suspension



“TracTive” One-Way dampers are built as a high performance system for a large range of tarmac applications. Its components and technologies are used in the highest racing categories, yet its damping range is sufficiently large to allow for comfortable road use.

These One-Way kits are demonstrably valved for both Road and Track use. Each kit is engineered specifically for optimal performance and durability. The One-Way damping adjustment enables the driver to adjust the dampers in up to 20 positions, while finding the right setup is easily done with the use of a 4mm Allen key or the Tractive adjuster knob.

The dampers are fitted with Eibach springs and have an infinite ride height adjustment, either through the platforms on the shock bodies or through the separate adjusters. Tractive consciously chooses the use of 46mm double digressive, high flow pistons, low friction seals and 16 mm super finished, induction hardened, Q&T CrMo-steel piston rods for all shocks. Shock absorber bodies are made from hardened aluminum alloy to ensure thermal stability and light weight. For McPhersons Tractive uses a steel inverted strut design with 38mm double digressive piston. This design guarantees minimum stiction and maximum construction stiffness by using bearings and components derived from the highest levels of motorbike racing.

All One-Way Road/Track kits are fitted with specific top mounts. Inverted struts are fitted with adjustable mounts (camber and/or caster) and non-McPherson shocks with solid top mounts.