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TracTive Motorcycle Suspension-BMW-F850 GS-2018Front

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High performance closed cartridge with adjustable rebound and compression damping. Manual preload adjustment.


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TracTive Motorcycle Suspension-BMW-F850 GS-2018Front

X-TREME (one leg – low -25 mm)

These cartridges fit right into the fork legs without modifications to the fork. The cartridges are closed, meaning that the cartridge is like a separate, pressurised shock absorber inside the fork with its own damping oil for optimal handling. The produc

For the full description of all TracTive model type and specification please read the dedicated TracTive Suspension Motorcycle pages.

35mm closed cartridge – 25mm lowered version – For oem lowered forks – When used to lower standard fork you need piston rod 35010020 on the left side