TracTive Motorcycle Suspension-HONDA-Africa Twin Adv Sports (EERA)-2020Rear


Ultimate performance shock absorber with adjustable rebound and high- and low-speed compression damping. Preload adjustable. PDSII anti bottoming.

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TracTive Motorcycle Suspension-HONDA-Africa Twin Adv Sports (EERA)-2020Rear


This shock absorber uses a damping shim stack specifically developed for its application. The shock absorber housing creates maximum thermal stability by optimal heat removal. Not only leads this to stable performance but also to a longer lifetime of the

For the full description of all TracTive model type and specification please read the dedicated TracTive Suspension Motorcycle pages.

46mm Eye to Fork shock – 25mm lowered version – Standard seat height (due to correct spring rate) – Designed to use Original Electronic Preload Adjuster (not included) – Original electronic damping will be cancelled


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