Dividing Piston Main Piston Assembly. Shaft Guide Shaft Adjuster Knob Compression/Rebound Selector

Dividing Piston

Separates the gas cavity from the oil cavity.

Main Piston Assembly.

Contains proprietary internal adjustment mechanism for compression and rebound damping forces.

Shaft Guide

Creates additional lateral support on shaft-end side of shaft assembly.


Also known as piston rod. Responsible for displacing fluid in the damper body to be controlled by piston assembly and adjustment mechanism. We utilize 22mm diameter shafts for strut applications and 16mm diameter for shock applications on the 2WNR damper system.

Adjuster Knob

Connected to the internal adjustment mechanism and allows the user to adjust damping forces easily.

Compression/Rebound Selector

Connected to the internal adjustment mechanism. Allows user to select compression or rebound forces to be manipulated at main adjuster knob.