Servicing & Testing

Suspension Servicing and Testing is vitally important. With proper care and maintenance, your shocks should prove exceptionally durable.

Regular suspension care and servicing is essential to ensure:

  • Improve the longevity of your suspension components
  • Ensure high-performance levels are maintained
  • Extend your warranty

Want to get the most from your suspension? See our care & maintenance tips.

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Suspension Servicing from Raceshocks

Our automated systems track your suspension servicing from start to finish and make the whole process simple

  1. Book a service using our online form. Prefer to speak to someone? Call us on 01269 507902
  2. We’ll arrange a fully insured collection – our courier will call on the day in question to arrange pick up.
  3. Your suspension parts are unboxed, photographed and logged. We’ll send you an email to confirm receipt with a condition report
  4. Parts are stripped, inspected and serviced. A report is provided to you with recommendations and/or costs. If any additional work is required a quotation will be sent
  5. Once requested work completed, an invoice is sent via email, along with a report on your suspension’s performance including damper dyno plots
  6. Once paid for, your dampers are returned by couriers – once again tracked and fully insured.

How often should I service my suspension?

Service/testing intervals are difficult to predict as environmental conditions can vary wildly. Shock absorbers subjected to road dirt and grime, and those near the exhaust will require more regular servicing and those protected from the elements.

We typically recommend servicing every 12 months or 24 hours of track time.

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Service Price List

The costs below are indicative – and reflect the service costs for these components if there are no parts needed other than the basic seals. For all other manufacturers, we will quote prior to undertaking work.

CORE 1 Way Service£150.00
CORE 3 Way Service£175.00
CORE Semi Active Service£185.00
TracTive 1 Way Service£150.00
TracTive 3 Way Service£175.00
TracTive Semi Active Service£185.00
Penske Shock Service£185.00
Nitron 1 Way Shock Service£150.00
Nitron 2 & 3 Way Shock Service£190.00
Quantum Interim Service£110.00
Quantum Major Service£165.00
Damper Dyno Testing£35.00
Motorcycle and MTB Fork Dyno Testing£95.00
Suspension Fork Service (Excl Parts)£135.00
General Suspension Shock Service (Excl Parts)£135.00

Taking care of your shock absorbers is key to making sure that they perform effectively and have a long life.

Here are some simple checks to ensure they stay in great condition.

  1. Clean and dry Keep the shock absorbers clean and dry. The shaft bearing is fitted with a wiper seal but it is effective only in preventing foreign materials from being drawn into the shock absorber. It will not prevent dirt from accumulating around the shaft. If this is allowed to happen the risk of damage to the shaft is increased. Keeping the shocks clean and dry makes it easier to identify leaks.
  2. Keep the shock absorbers cool Try to keep the shock absorbers cool. Make every effort to keep the temperature equal across axle pairs. If one shock runs hotter than the other, be this because it is closer to the exhaust or for any other reason—direct air onto the shock absorber to cool it down.
  3. Periodical inspections Periodically inspect the spherical joints for play. The ball should be tight in the housing. Do not allow the shaft to rust. The shaft is hard chrome plated and will resist corrosion well but it is advisable to lubricate it regularly with WD40 or similar penetrating oil—particularly underneath the bump rubber and around the eyelet base where moisture can collect.
  4. Shocks testing Do not attempt to adjust the height of the spring platform without first removing loose dirt from the body. Dyno testing your shock absorbers is the only acceptable means to determine if they are performing as expected. Shocks should always be tested in pairs—where this applies— to be sure they match. Over a period of time, the oil inside the shock absorber will degrade. As the bore of the shock absorber wears, microscopically small particles of aluminium become suspended in the oil. If the intervals between servicing are too great, this can cause accelerated wear. Only by opening the shock absorber can the condition of the oil and the internal components be assessed. If the oil has blackened or smells bad, it should be changed.

All and Meteor Motorsport shock absorbers are serviced with Fuchs Oil. This is the only oil we recommend. With regular servicing, there should be no reason not to expect an exceptional service life.

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