Customer Cars

Customer Cars

Our Trusted Partners and High-Performance Cars

At RaceShocks UK, we take pride in our dedication to enhancing the performance and handling of high-performance and race cars through precision suspension solutions. We are honored to collaborate with some of the industry’s most renowned manufacturers and showcase their remarkable cars equipped with our suspension products or specifications.

Electric Classic Cars

ECC is a leader in the field of EV conversion of classic cars. We have worked closely with them to specify and build a unique TracTive Suspension Semi-Active suspension kit for the similarly unique Testarossa – Teslarossa conversion. This suspension comprised of 6 dampers and springs (Hyperco of course).

Four of the dampers are semi-active using TracTives DDA valve and stand-alone controller and display. This system is continuously active adjusting for different acceleration forces created when driving. It is also adjustable in range whilst driving. 2 of the rear dampers are traditional single adjustment as the Ferarri has a twin damper arrangement positioned on either side of the drive shafts.

We worked with ECC to re-engineer the spring and damper rates given the new 48/52 weight distribution which changed significantly from the original car. Finally, TracTive built the dampers for us and sent them here to Wales for us to install on the #Teslarossa. Richard and the guys stayed with us all day to film the installation and the first test drive.

Check out their video below of the day…

Dan Thomas – Xcworx Chassis Developments

We have given Dan his own key to the shop! We have reworked his Penske suspension and Hyperco springs so many times. The margins we are working with for Dan are small. He knows what he wants to achieve and we ensure we build the right damper for him.

Penske Racing Shocks provides us with a fantastic damper to begin building a damper that gives so much feedback. Again fully specified by us with over 60 pistons to select from sometimes you have to make sure you don’t get sidetracked.

Dan has proven that this car is super fast. Now that the first year of constant development is over let’s hope we can see even more fantastic results. What we do know is he better bring more biscuits next time he calls!


Dare to Drive.

The 912 was the first and purest generation of Porsche. KAMM has improved on existing perfection to create the 912c, a car that provides a classically analogue experience for discerning drivers.

KAMM has re-engineered and increased the performance whilst also retaining and enhancing usability in every element, encouraging owners to take to the street as well as the track. Every KAMM thrives in being used, the resulting patina telling a story.

Now owning a 912c adds a characterful experience to everyday life.

TracTive Suspension had already done the hard engineering work basing the kit on the next-generation G model Porsche 911. The KAMM 912c spent the summer largely in the UK doing the press rounds. We first met Miki and the team at Goodwood Festival of Speed where we all took a personal liking to the stripped-back classic look and feel yet more useable performance for everyday life.

This car is so much lighter than the regular Porsche models with all its carbon fibre that it was felt the car was still too hard to be used to the fullest on UK roads.

After some more road tests and a new exhaust, Miki brought the 912c here to us for us to “do our thing”.

We are used to lightweight cars and the very much lighter springs you need on the fantastic undulating roads around the UK. We did the math and actually pretty much reduced the spring rates by 50%. We fitted some Hyperco springs to the front dampers and then used our very own Eibach-manufactured progressive spring to the rear. There is lots of maths involved but this same spring is used on the rear of our Caterham kits.

Now, all the road tests that have been in various magazines and on YouTube channels all took place before we managed to get our specification fitted to the car. There were positive comments already, but oh how we wish they had been able to drive the car that left our shop.

I just asked for some words about our changes…

“Hey Simon – Well night and day in short. When the car was first built and tested the semi-active was clearly working but the ride was very harsh. But when you changed the damping using the touch screen the performance did not really allow you to use the true performance of the car. It would sort of bounce along the highway. Now ! OMG. I can feel the chassis follow the surface. It’s comfortable. More Stable. Turns better. It feels safer at higher speeds. Oh and we can turn it into full cruise/GT mode and sit back and enjoy the ride. I really want to get this car back in the hands of the journalists who drove it in the past for them to experience the NEW 912C. Finally one important thing – No more cross-wind or light nose problems on high speeds”


We love getting feedback like this. To find out more about the KAMM 912C check out

MST Cars UK – TracTive Suspension

Although we have had no direct contact with MST (there has been no need as yet), we worked with TracTive who knew our experience within the Rally community. We have provided kits from a number of manufacturers for many Escorts.

With our valving specification and spring rates this car has achieved rave reviews everywhere it’s been tested.

We would really like to get our hands on the car and check if there are improvements to be made but so far it seems to be performing fantastically.

Andy Russell – MTJ Racecars

Andy has been a customer of ours for many years. Starting on our Nitron dampers when we first entered the Autograss world many years ago. A couple of years ago Andy was the first to make the jump to Penske Racing Shocks on the front of his Class 6 car.

We have to confess it took a little longer to make any performance gain than we initially thought. Now though the results just show for themselves. National Champion 2023 and British Autograss Series Champion 2023.

We had Andy’s car visit the workshop last winter along with Martyn James as we tried to identify ways to improve the chassis performance. We saw an area that we thought could be improved. We had identified this from race video and as a group decided to tackle the issue.

I think we achieved that.

Scott Williams Motorsport – Escort Mk2

Back in 2019 when Scott wanted to build something unique and special he came to see us. He wanted something that performed as well as other suspension manufacturers more commonly used in the sport but also provided adjustment that allowed a more accessible setup/tuning adjutment.

It was a no-brainer for us. We selected Penske Racing Shocks. We have now built many sets of these dampers for similar cars. The Penske provides such an accurate and reliable form of adjustment we can really provide our customers with advice on tuning a car’s handling.

We built the dampers a little differently so that the remote canister and compression adjusters at the rear are fitted within the boot keeping these critical parts out of all the road grime and lots of damage possibilities. It also makes adjustment very easy.

This car worked right out of the Box. At shakedown, we needed very little adjustment from the base setup we created on the damper dyno.

3 days later the car finished 3rd overall at the inaugural Rali Bae in the hands of Jason Pritchard. A week later it won the Escort Festival in Belgium driven by Francois Duval. Epic!