Motorcycle Suspension

Motorcycle Suspension

RaceShocks UK now has a dedicated Motorcycle Service Team. We can offer service and sales of motorcycle suspension and forks. We already service most MotoX dampers from all the manufacturer bikes.  New Motorcycle dampers are available from us directly from TracTive Suspension and Penske. 

We can also provide advice on setup and settings. Dyno testing of your existing damper(s) is also recommended prior to installing a new item so we can provide baseline figures that match your existing settings as close as possible. We also use a DO Engineering vacuum bleeding machine on all our dampers where ever possible for best filling results.

We have set out to represent and supply a range of manufacturers with leading brands like Penske, TracTive Suspension. We have no bias toward any particular manufacturer other than a performance one. We will always offer you the customer the best product for your requirements and budget. That may be a Penske for one use and a Nitron for the same bike but different use. Whether it’s Road Suspension, Track Day Suspension or Race Suspension you need.


It’s important to us that you get the most suitable set of suspensions for your vehicle and use. Why? Well, we want you to call us back in the future. This can be for a service, dyno check or to upgrade to the next level performance specification. This can be for a service, dyno check or to upgrade to the next level performance specification.


We can supply the complete range of K-Tech Suspension parts and upgrades to any of our customers. We offer a complete service and installation option also. Please contact us to arrange your upgrade or service.

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Servicing and Testing Enquires

For servicing and testing related information or to make enquiries please follow the link provided