Car Suspension

Car Suspension

Everything we create or build here is pretty much bespoke to your needs.   We can offer standard manufacturer specifications but generally, it is our tailored individual builds that we are known and respected for.  We have both damper dyno and spring dyno machines from LABA7.  We also use a DO Engineering vacuum bleeding machine on all our dampers where ever possible for best-filling results.

We have set out to represent and supply a range of manufacturers with leading brands like Nitron, Penske, Quantum, TracTive Suspension and now our own label CORE Suspension.  We have recently also been appointed UK Sales and Service Centre for all the BOS Suspension range.  We have no bias toward any particular manufacturer other than a performance one. We will always offer you the customer the best product for your requirements and budget.  That may be a Penske for one use and a Nitron for the same car but for different use.  Whether it’s Road Suspension, Track Day Suspension, Rally, Autograss or Race Suspension you need.  

Call us to talk through the best option for you and your car.

It’s important to us that you get the most suitable set of suspension for your vehicle and use.  Why?  Well, we want you to call us back in the future.  This can be for a service, dyno check or to upgrade to the next level performance specification.

Long-term customer relationships are important to us.  We will never discount our products but do expect to get as much advice as we can provide on setup or how best to adjust your dampers, what each adjuster will change and what to expect from your vehicle.  All of this is free of charge.

There are so many specifications and options available it is impossible to list a price for each car and damper combination. You will, therefore, find information about each brand and their performance benefits on each page along with selected car products. The next step will be for you to contact us by email or telephone to discuss your requirements. We can then provide you with an accurate quotation tailored to your needs.

We Service all of the above damper brands on-site ensuring a quick turnaround.

What makes us different?

At RaceShocks.UK we like to ensure your suspension is made specifically for your car and use. Whether is is biased toward touring, fast road, track or any combination of those uses. This is why we are different. We have our own method of calculating suitable spring rates for any given car and use, we specify the valving required to the manufacturer and they build your dampers just like any other kit but to our/your requirements. We charge a fixed £300.00 + vat fee for this service. Alternatively, we can sell the off-the-shelf manufacturer products at the RRP figure as listed on this website. Please make sure you discuss these options with us – I am sure you will as it’s likely thats the reason you are calling us.

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Our Suppliers

We only buy from the leading suspension manufacturers to ensure the best quality and performance.