Caterham CORE 1 Way Suspension

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Caterham CORE 1 Way Suspension,CORE Suspension – our own label manufactured for us by TracTive.  The high quality and specification of these dampers make them a great damper for someone looking for a high-end offering. The engineering and subsequent performance is second to none.

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Caterham CORE 1 Way Suspension

CORE 1 Way Suspension

1-Way manually adjustable
One-Way manually adjustable
TracTive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the ACE systems. The dampers are built using the same high-end components as all other TracTive products and offer 20 clicks of adjustment, which will adjust both rebound and compression damping. Each application is custom valved and optimised for the best performance.
Further still CORE Suspension develops and improves its settings and valving options as an ongoing process. With new piston designs offered by TracTive often at our request we are able to ensure the highest performance and damping for your individual use.

All CORE Suspension kits will come with Eibach Springs as Standard.


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