Nitron NTA FWD Rear 3 way

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Nitron by RaceShocks NTA – The Autograss damper.

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The Nitron NTA FWD Rear is based on Nitron’s proven 40mm suspension kit.

Using the past 11 years of successful competition knowledge we have again improved on the suspension dynamics for the Autograss market.

Specifically valved for the front-engined Class 4 and 6 cars the damper still retains a wide range of adjustment.  We have retained and improved a high low speed compression valving whilst reducing high speed forces to allow the cars more compliance on track.  We maintain the performance on the start line and improve on track characteristics.

Standard lengths below but we can make to measure for this class also.  Please call if you have anything different.

Rear dampers are 18.25″ long with a 16″ hose.

All hoses are mounted with a swivel banjo as standard providing simple mounting options.

The rear dampers are unique in that the bodies are 40mm but use a 16mm shaft for increased strength.    The reason behind the noticeable difference from the standard Nitron to the Meteor version is due to the internal valving and those increased shaft sizes.  Allowing us to control the fluid flow more efficiently,  making a noticeable difference to the handling performance and ride quality.  With true 3 way adjustment and complete separation between the adjustment means that no longer will adjusting the rebound, affect the forces seen on the compression side of the curve.   We have seen many dampers where adjusting one setting affects another significantly but without a dyno you would not know it.

This kit is designed for serious race use and as such incorporates high and low-speed bump control valves for further chassis fine-tuning.  By adjusting either bump or rebound damping the damping ratio can be adjusted. For example, the high-speed damping can be kept soft so the car is not thrown by larger holes, whilst not compromising body control in the transient cornering phase (turn in, applying power).  This is the low-speed control.  The NTA remote reservoir kit provides simple fitting as included as standard are our swivel banjo fittings to both the damper and canister.  No restrictions to the angle required for installation in the car.  Other benefits of remote reservoirs are higher fade resistance due to a higher oil volume, plus a larger surface area to radiate the heat to the atmosphere.

Custom spring and valving requirements can be specified.

We can also help with a recommended setup starting point.

Includes spacers and canister mounting rubbers.


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