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Nitron NTA Micra Front Dampers Rally

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Nitron by Raceshocks – Rally Dampers


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The Nitron NTA Front damper is based around Nitron’s proven Pro 46mm suspension kit as used on many saloon touring cars and these new Nitron by RaceShocks NTA specification dampers are the successful result.

Using the past 12 years of successful competition knowledge we have again improved on the suspension dynamics for the Rally market.

Specifically valved for the front engined cars the damper still retains a wide range of adjustment.   They have a 22mm shaft and 46mm piston.  With this volume of oil they offer superior heat and oil flow management.  Steel body with aluminium accessories.

They are available for the Micra K10 and K11.

Available with a choice of spring rates which we can advise on based on your car and corner weights.

We have seen many dampers where adjusting one setting affects another significantly but without a dyno you would not know it.

We can also help with a recommended set up starting point.

Kit includes 2 front dampers .

Springs are also available to suit your car @ £70 each.   We only offer a high quality metric coil spring to provide clearance over the damper.