Quantum Two Zero Escort Inverted Damper – Digressive Piston

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Quantum Two Zero Escort Inverted Damper speciffically developed by RaceShocks.UK for the Road and Tarmac Rally customer.

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Quantum Two Zero Escort Inverted Damper – Digressive Piston

This Quantum Two.Zero inverted damper has been specifically developed by RaceShocks.UK for the Road and Tarmac Rally customer.  Made for us by Quantum it fits directly into the standard strut body.  There is no requirement for external canisters yet this is a fully functioning 2-way damper.  Adjustment is at the base of the strut where both compression and rebound adjustment is available.  There is no crossover between the adjustment and this for us is important when trying to get the best performance out of a damper.  It makes for a much easier time when trying to dial out a handling characteristic that is not wanted.

As with all our kits, our help and support come free of charge over the phone or at the shop.  We can also come and test with you if required.  (Please call for our rates).

Our regular specification can work with a range of spring rates from 175 -250lb front springs without revalve.  If you want to run a different spring then we can of course have them built to suit.



There is one simple reason why Two.Zero shocks don’t have bump canisters: We found a better way.


Damping is a resistance to force and force is a function of pressure and area. Canister shocks resist bump forces by restricting the flow of oil displaced by the shaft—in effect applying pressure to an area equal to the diameter of the shaft. Two.Zero is different, only restricting flow across the piston—which is much larger.


Applying pressure to a larger area means less pressure is required. The reduced hydraulic pressure means the damper is more efficient, particularly at low speeds and when it changes direction, right where you need it the most.


Two.Zero has two colour coded adjusters that each effect bleed across the piston in one direction only—benefiting you with superior performance and truly independent two-way adjustment. No bells. No whistles. No canisters. Just good. Common. Sense.



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