Toyota Yaris GR-4 Shocks – Gravel Kit

Inline Architecture Shock Absorber – Internal reservoir 3 +1 way adjustment affecting compression HV / BV and rebound CAS Technologie.

All of our suspension packages are tailored to your car and driving.

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Discover our range of specific shock absorbers for Toyota Yaris GR-4.

Benefit from all the experience and expertise of BOS SUSPENSION acquired at the highest level during the 5 years alongside Toyota Gazoo Racing Team in the WRC world championship.

Take advantage today of a complete range of shock absorbers available in three specific families.

Road Kit: For sports and daily use on the open road and circuit.

Gravel Kit: For Gravel Rally use for leisure or competition.

Asphalt Kit: For Asphalt Rally use for leisure or competition.

Whether for fun or for competition, we necessarily have the suspension kit for your Toyota Yaris GR-4


Technical characteristics : Gravel Kit

– Shock absorber:  Monotube hydraulic.

– Main Piston: Diameter 46mm.

– Stem: Diameter 16mm (Road) – Diameter 18mm (Gravel & Asphalt).

– Mounting:   Strut (F) and Ball-joint (Ar)


– Asphalt  Kit : 2 Pistons 46×18 – 3 + 1 Ways of adjustment – Hydraulic Stop Compression with Adjustable Needle – Rebound Adjustment – HV / BV Compression Adjustments – Light Spring –  CAS  System (Selective Damping Control).



The hydraulic curve, the spring and the settings are optimized according to your vehicle (personalized test session possible).

Additional info:

Robust and optimized design: Overhaulable in our workshops or approved service centres and 100% reconditionable

Designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

Inline Architecture Shock Absorber – Internal reservoir 3 +1 way adjustment affecting compression HV / BV and rebound CAS Technologie.

Piston: Double Piston 46mm (front – rear)
Rod: 18mm (Front – Rear)
Stroke : 195mm (Front) – 160mm (Rear)
Spring internal diameter: 75mm (Front) – 60mm offset (Rear)
Spring rate: 55N/mm (Front)  -74N/mm (Rear)
Packaging: Toyota Yaris GR-4 (2020-2021) Tarmac Shock Absorber Kit is mounted in place of your original mount (We provide the mounting interfaces – Chappe and mounting kit included).

Gravel kit

Main components:

– 2 pistons 46×18

– Hydraulic stop

Adjustable Compression (Needle).

– Rebound adjustment.

– HV and BV compression settings

– Preload adjustment


– Light spring

Number of adjustment channels: – 3 + 1 Ways

Piggyback: – Yes


Strength leg : – Before

Ball joint-Ball joint: – Back

Application : – Recreational or competitive Gravel Rally use.

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