TracTive Suspension – CHEVROLET – Camaro 6th Gen

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Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks. High-tech electronic, replacement suspensions for a car fitted from factory with specific electronic suspension systems. The add-on control unit allows tuning (not included).

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CHEVROLET – Camaro 6th Gen – Semi Active

2016 –

TracTive Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks have been developed as a replacement system for cars that have been fitted with an electronic suspension system out of the factory. The dampers are fitted with the TracTive patented DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve. With its reaction time of 6 to 10 milliseconds from full soft to full hard, it is one of the fastest damping adjustments in the market. It demonstrates a tremendous stability and reproducibility, and is rapidly becoming THE technology chosen by high end OE and racing teams. The kit requires a fully programmable control unit that replaces the original suspension controller. The Plug & Play system is a direct and complete replacement for the original dampers and original suspension controller, it plugs in with the same connectors but the dampers get controlled by the new controller. No delete kit required, no more fault messages in the onboard controls! The driver or engineer can freely program the damper settings and upload this to the controller through the USB connection. For every application the damping level and damping adjustment range is set-up from factory. It is possible to tune the damping level if required. The hardware of these shocks is identical to the Road/Track kits, except that the manual rebound adjuster has been replaced by the internal DDA valve and a cable coming out of the piston rod side of the dampers. Its components and technologies are used in the highest racing categories, yet its damping range is sufficiently large to allow for comfortable road use these electronic kits are demonstrably valved for both Road and Track use. Each kit is engineered specifically for optimal performance and durability. The dampers are fitted with Eibach springs and have an infinite ride height adjustment, either through the platforms on the shock bodies or through the separate adjusters. TracTive consciously chooses the use of 46mm high flow pistons in various versions, low friction seals and 16 mm super finished, induction hardened, Q&T CrMo-steel piston rods for all shocks. Shock absorber bodies are made from hardened aluminum alloy to ensure thermal stability and light weight. For McPhersons TracTive uses a steel inverted strut design with 38mm high flow piston in various versions. This design guarantees minimal stiction and maximum construction stiffness by using bearings and components derived from the highest levels of motorbike racing. All Road/Track kits are fitted with specific top mounts. Inverted struts are fitted with adjustable mounts (camber and/or caster) and non-McPherson shocks with solid top mounts.

43mm Inverted McPherson bracket mount shock – Adjustable uni-ball top mount – Replacement hub bracket bolts included – Stainless steel brakeline brackets included

46mm Eye to Eye shock – Clevis to T-bar mount aluminium – True coilover rear – OE springs should be removed

True coilover rear, OE rear springs should be removed – Requires DSC Sport Controller to run with OE systems


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