TVR CORE 1 Way Digressive Suspension

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TVR CORE 1 Way Digressive Suspension – CORE Suspension – our own label manufactured for us by TracTive.   The high quality and specification of these dampers make them a great damper for someone looking for a high-end offering.

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TVR CORE 1 Way Digressive Suspension

CORE 1 Way Suspension

CORE Suspension – our own label manufactured for us by TracTive.   The high quality and specification of these dampers make them a great damper for someone looking for a high-end offering.  The engineering employed by TracTive is superb.  Probably the most linear adjustment we have seen on any damper.  This damper has one adjuster which controls compression and rebound.  We can offer linear or digressive pistons to suit each customer’s requirements.  The dampers are 46mm ensuring a high volume of oil to control temperatures.

We aim to keep base kits of Caterham suspension in stock to provide a much faster supply to our customers rather than the usual 5 week lead time.   We will complete the build here at HQ to suit the individual specification required by our customers.

The CORE shock is an excellent first upgrade for owners who want improved suspension. Each shock has a damping setting specifically developed for its application, and the spring is selected for the weight and intended use.

The CORE shock is equipped with a separation piston to separate damping oil from pressurized nitrogen gas. As the damping piston is moving in oil only, this creates more stable behavior.

The spring preload can be set for the loading. The preload adjuster has a large adjustment range and supports the highest loads. The rebound adjuster affects rebound damping and compression damping in a natural balance. Every adjustment brings a noticeable change in damping level.



Specialist Simon Rogers (RaceShocks.UK) partners with manufacturer Tractive Suspension BV to create a leading brand for the lightweight sportscar market. 

CORE Suspension (by TracTive) 

CORE Suspension (by Tractive) will offer its own dedicated specification and design Coil-Over suspension dampers to all small lightweight sportscars like Ariel, Caterham, Lotus and TVR marques.  CORE Suspension utilises the expertise and knowledge of the lightweight sportscar suspension market gained over many years by Simon Rogers and the Team at Raceshocks.UK. The range will cover existing applications along with other new specifications car types. 

Since 2010 Tractive Suspension has been focussing on the highest levels of suspension technology. Nowadays Tractive supplies renown companies like BMW with electronic suspension technologies. Tractive supplies Dallara, Pagani, RUF and more brands with shock absorber systems for their latest models. The development and manufacturing base is in the Netherlands, cradle for high-end international suspension brands.   

So on one hand CORE will have the flexibility of a smaller specialist team, but at the same time benefit from all of the TracTive brand back-up worldwide in technology, development, sales, service and warranty. 

CORE Suspension will be able to support one-off builds along with individual requirements that smaller marques demand.  A small team of staff available to answer individual customer questions and unique requirements means that the unique specifications can be readily accommodated within a suitable timescale. CORE can offer advice on car setup and make sure the individual customer is supported along the purchase journey. In order to capitalise maximally on the strengths of both partners, development and assembly will be performed at Tractive, while customers will be supported internationally by Simon and his team for application and sales. 

CORE will offer Traditional damping in its 1 Way and 3 Way dampers, but also Semi-Active damping technology, based on TracTive’s patented DDA valve.  Simon and the Team already have significant knowledge of the Semi-Active damper and how it operates in lightweight cars.  This sector of the market is growing rapidly and with new specifications almost weekly, please watch the application list for new additions.

 Simon and the team will continue to be a UK Official Sales, Service and Testing Centre for TracTive Suspension and all of its other applications.  As in the past it will also help with the development of new applications whenever necessary. For all your CORE Suspension needs contact Simon and the Team

All CORE Suspension kits will come with Eibach Springs as Standard.

Tractive Suspension started 1st of June 2010 after WP Suspension moved from the Netherlands to Austria. The ex-WP core development team used this opportunity to start Tractive Suspension. Immediately the staff realised that the future in suspension is in electronically adjustable suspensions, not in marginally optimizing already fine-tuned suspension.

Tractive develops technologies with electronic control of damping and ride height. The millisecond fast, patented damping adjustment valve (DDA Dynamic Damping Adjustment), which allows for active body control, is one of the many existing examples. Based on this electronic know-how, the Tractive R&D department started doing prototyping & development work for OEM customers like BMW.

Tractive has in one hand everything that is needed for electronic suspension prototypes: experienced staff, shock absorber components, control units, sensor, actuators and algorithms.

The combination of technology know-how and our small till medium size scale production makes Tractive an attractive proposition for development projects. When a vehicle manufacturer is looking for ways to modernise or “electrify” his suspension, he will find Tractive as an independent consulting partner or Proof-Of-Concept supplier. Tractive works on projects from concept phase till release for production, including supplier selection, pre-production series, engineering and ride-work.

All CORE Suspension kits will come with Eibach Springs as Standard.


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