Race Car Setup Log – Circuit Settings

Circuit Settings

Circuit Settings is our new Free to all application.

It is intended for users to be able to record most if not all of the variables on their vehicle. Many customers already use a “little black book” of all settings and setups previously used. But now instead of scribbling in the book you sometimes leave at home on a weekend, you can simply add the data to Circuit Settings App.

Create a new “Event” and “Session”.

You can bring forward settings from a previous event or add new ones. You will only be updating the new session data and not overwriting any old data.

There is no requirement to sign up to our website but we would ask or suggest you do so as we will hopefully send those registered tips and or tricks or special offers. These will be very limited to at the very most 1 per month. There are no popups or adverts in the app. We wanted it to be as easy to use as possible. Let us know if you have any ideas for the next version.

We are planning to launch a “Pro” version ib it is not a priory at the moment.

If you have any other ideas or “wants” please drop us a line.

Device Slider

Our app allows you to scroll backwards and forwards between session records therefore recalling and recording changes of individual settings is very easy.
The App has been developed by professionals in the field and designed to replicate and eventually replace your paper records.

Call us or email to talk about your needs: