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Nitron Racing Shocks

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    Built from the best materials in order to withstand years of environmental attack

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    Every shock is returned to the customer in an ‘as new’ technical condition. Nitron replaces all the critical components, fluids, gasses, seals and bushes. Every Race shock is also checked and calibrated on a dynamometer

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    Approved service centres are strategically placed in various locations around the world so that your shock never has to travel far to be serviced.

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    Nitron service centres have a dedicated team who work directly with racers to develop custom valving characteristics. Contact your local service centre to discover how you can receive track-side assistance and bespoke development consultation.

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    Nitron has a wealth of experience in producing mass-volume, quality designs direct to manufacturers.

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    Nitron has the experience and capability to take prototype research and development through to full OEM scale production and maintain ISO accreditation.

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Approved Nitron Sales & Service Centre and Motorsport Partner

Nitron boasts over a decade of success, celebrating prestigious race wins and lap records around the world. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Nitron’s worldwide headquarters are based in England’s prestigious ‘Motorsport Valley’, Oxfordshire.

We take the fantastic Nitron products and add that personal touch.  We offer unique specifications for any of the Nitron range along with our own very special offerings.

Designed & Build in the UK

Nitron has been at the forefront of motorsport suspension technology since 1998. Founded by Guy Evans, the Oxfordshire-based company has gone from strength to strength, producing winning shocks for customers all over the world. There are now over 200 Nitron dealers across Europe, Asia, the US, Australasia and Africa.

In 2008, Nitron moved to a new facility in the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’ in line with the company’s expansion programme. This allowed for an increase in production and a continuation of Nitron’s ability to push the limits of suspension technology using state-of-the-art Dynomometers, 5-Axis CNC machines and the latest 3D CAD techniques.

Nitron NTA - by RaceShocks.UK

RaceShocks.UK has a special arrangement with Nitron as their Official Motorsport Partner.  We are able to offer the NTA range of dampers exclusive to our customers.  These dampers are designed and built to our specification and not available elsewhere.  We have used this NTA range in the Autograss and Superlite series and more recently in Rally such as for Darian owners. Contact us if you have a particular damper you need that you don’t see listed.  We can help.